Chocolate Tasting – Las Vegas Style!

Chocolate tasting “Las Vegas style?”  No, not spinning roulette tables, pulsing neon and sparkly leotards. Red, White & Chocolate’s (RW&C) first chocolate tasting was a bit more, well, tasteful. But my inaugural group told me we hit the jackpot with the six craft chocolate bars and an extra special salted caramel truffle that we tasted.

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Diary of a (Slightly) Mad Chocolate Event Planner

Last week’s Fine Chocolate Industry Association’s Elevate Chocolate event held in New York has gotten the buzzosphere churning with Tweets, posts and blog updates.  Just ask Megan Giller of Chocolate Noise, Estelle Tracy of 37 Chocolates or Sharon Terenzi of The Chocolate Journalist.

I love seeing how this event is viewed from the outside looking in. But wouldn’t you like to know what it looks like from an insider’s point of view? The boiling pot of divergent opinions, the joy of averted mayhem, the nerves of steel it takes to pull off a major chocolate event in New York for an international membership of fine chocolate professionals?

Now let’s see, who do we know who could give us that perspective?   ME!

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Red, White & Chocolate Is Celebrating!


What am I celebrating?

The birth of our nation, of course.

The fact that I had the freedom to drive around this beautify land and meet amazing people molding the US chocolate experience, many of whom I got to see last weekend in New York at FCIA’s Elevate Chocolate – Summer 2016 and the Fancy Food Show (more on that soon).

And, my birthday!  Yes, I was born on the 4th of July.

Happy birthday, America! Happy birthday, me! Now, let’s celebrate chocolate!


Hillary, Chocolate and Me, Oh My!

Valentine's Day 2016
Hillary visits Las Vegas, Valentine’s Day 2016

In my quest to explore the US chocolate experience, I didn’t have to go far from home to have the chocolate experience of my life!  And, it was my chocolate that made it happen.

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Road Traveler Falls Hard — Tells All


I wasn’t planning on falling in love!
Flirt a bit – yes!
But a full-blown obsession . . .?
. . .and then a deep, respectful love?

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Oh, the things you find
if you don’t stay behind.

Dr. Seuss


With a Little Help From My Friends.

Denver_11.15 (29)
Denver friends Sue and Joel Niles sheltering this Red, White & Chocolate traveler.

I’m home!  After two months on the road researching the US chocolate experience.  After 10,200 miles, one cracked windshield, one stubbed finger, countless hotel rooms and lots of grab-and-go meals. Many of you have asked how I did it. The answer — passion for my subject. And a few kind souls who offered a warm bed, a home cooked meal, cherished memories over a glass of Merlot. These encounters were few and far between on my road trip around the United States. When it happened, it was like being welcomed into an oasis. Let me introduce you to the people who sustained me along my way.

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There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

– Linda Grayson

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor – Glerup Revere Packaging


I’ve been asked how Red, White & Chocolate is able to stay on the road for two months?  As Blanche DuBois said, “I depend on the kindness of strangers.” And friends and family. And sponsors!  Let me introduce you to one of my sponsors:  Glerup Revere Packaging. Continue reading “And Now a Word From Our Sponsor – Glerup Revere Packaging”

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