September 2015

Quick Note from the road – Cracked Windshield

Two days before the cracked windshield, scoring a primo parking spot right in front of my hosts' home.
Two days before the crack, scoring a primo parking spot right in front of my hosts’ San Francisco home.

I noticed it when I pulled off Highway 5 at the Mt. Shasta vista point. I was looking through the windshield trying to make sense of the bare mountaintop (where’s the snow?) when it popped out at me. My eyes saw it, but my brain tried to excuse it away. Maybe it’s just a wet strand of something stuck to the windshield and the glinting sun is making it look like a crack. No, it is a crack. About three inches long on the driver’s side, a little bit of dread already seeping through.

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Quick Note From the Road

Hello Chocolate Nation!

Although I’m officially kicking off Red, White and Chocolate right after the NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle October 4th, you all know I’m already on the road and meeting so many great chocolate folk.  I’ve finished up interviewing some of the luminaries in Las Vegas and those will be some of my first posts (as soon as I can sit for a few minutes to write it all up).  You’re going to learn from Jean-Marie Auboine (chocolatier to 80% of the Las Vegas Strip hotels), experience the chocolate magic of JinJu Chocolates and hear from the “rebel with a cause” Paul Edward of Chef Rubber. Stay tuned!

Letterpress Chocolate 

But for now, I wanted to share a quick mention of David Menkes of Letterpress Chocolate, a startup bean-to-bar (and sometimes tree-to-bar) maker in southern California.  I had the Continue reading “Quick Note From the Road”

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting.


Want to be my backseat driver?

Red, White & Chocolate is my first road trip. In 2004 I embarked on a one-year, 50,000 mile life-changing project.
Red, White & Chocolate isn’t my first road trip. In 2004 I embarked on a one-year, 50,000 mile life-changing project.

I’ve got an exciting list of chocolatiers, chocolate makers and behind-the-scenes support companies to visit on my two-month road trip around the US. But I’m staying open and flexible. Who do you want to hear from?  What questions do you want answered? Help shape the conversation by suggesting where I go and who I interview. You get to be the ultimate backseat driver.

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This road trip is fueled by obsession. Chocolate, that is!

More than a hobby - an obsession!
Karen Bryant and her obsession!

My son shared a Kafka quote with me that advocates “following your intense obsessions mercilessly.” It’s been on my refrigerator door for eight years. Today, I’m going to use it as a road map. Welcome to Red, White & Chocolate, a two-month road trip and blog exploring the people, companies and dynamics molding the US chocolate experience. I’m Karen Bryant and I’m following my obsession – chocolate – mercilessly.
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Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.
Franz Kafka

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