I’ve been asked how Red, White & Chocolate is able to stay on the road for two months?  As Blanche DuBois said, “I depend on the kindness of strangers.” And friends and family. And sponsors!  Let me introduce you to one of my sponsors:  Glerup Revere Packaging.

Glerup was one of Glerup Revere Packaging logothe first companies to reach out to me when I announced the Red, White & Chocolate road trip.  “Come visit us in Seattle when you’re at the NW Chocolate Festival,” they said.  So I did.

I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with the company.  But that’s why I’m on this crazy road trip – to learn about the people and the GlerupReverePackaging_photocompanies shaping the US chocolate experience.  And shaping it Glerup is!  And wrapping it.  And, presenting it in see-through set-up boxes, gift bags and grosgrain ribbon. And so much more!

When I started mentioning Glerup as my sponsor, I quickly learned that the rest of the chocolate world had already discovered them.  From Jennifer Smith’s start- up Ex Voto Chocolates in California to Richard Foley’s behemoth Chewters Chocolates in Vancouver.  As I met and interviewed chocolatiers all across the country, it became a Where’s-Waldo kind of game to discover which Glerup packaging they used.

Kelly Sanford manages Glerup's stock products
Kelly Sanford manages Glerup’s 4,000 stock products.

To learn more, I met with the Glerup team of Kelly Sanford, Jeri Franjello and Cheryl Clemans who filled me in on the history (started in 1938 and is now a third-generation family-run business), gave me a tour of the 40,000 square foot plant and let me oooh and ahhh in the display room. I couldn’t help

Jeri Franjello & Kelly Sanford guide me through the Glerup display room.
“We’re a solution provider,” says Jeri Franjello & Kelly Sanford as they tell me about their relationship with customers.

projecting what packaging I’d like to incorporate into my own dream chocolate business.

Kelly says, “We understand that our customers are offering an experience with their chocolate. We want the packaging to set the tone for that experience. It’s a partnership.”

She goes on to tell me, “Glerup sells food-grade packaging to chocolatiers who are just getting started or on their way but not quite ready for a big volume. They have a passion for their product and we have a passion for packaging.”  It’s obviously a good mix.

Cheryl shows me examples of custom packaging with Revere Flexpak, a division of RevereGroup. “We have a print shop that can accommodate cost effective digital printing for shorter runs, quick turnarounds, advanced 3D modeling and 360 degree view proofing systems.”

After our short time together, a couple of things stood out.  This is a made-in-America company with a European-style flair that has a wide reach and a deep heart.  They love what they do and respect their customers and the industry.  I’m honored to have them supporting Red, White & Chocolate.