Heavy rains in Peru continue to cause devastating floods and mudslides in both rural and urban areas. Hundreds of thousands of families have been displaced and left without shelter and basic necessities.  More rains expected in April with more damage to houses, crops and lives.

I’m going to ask you to consider donating to a GoFundMe campaign with a deadline of April 2, 2017.  Here’s why.


This report, like so many disasters we Westerners hear about from around the world, might be easy to slough off. So far away. So sorry for them, but . . .

I can’t slough if off.

I’ve looked into the eyes of cacao farmers in Ecuador and I saw the brotherhood that stretches around the globe, those magical 10 degrees north and south of the equator that supports the cacao tree — the tree that produces the fruit of the gods that, when handled with care, with knowledge, with skill, becomes exquisite chocolate. Our delight.  Their livelihood.

Ecuadorian cacao farmers

Those eyes informed me, moved me, inspired me and now they beseech me — tell our Peruvian brothers’ story.


According to the GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for these farmers:

“The north and central regions of Peru have faced the worst flooding in decades, caused by a seldom seen “coastal” El Niño that has warmed the waters immediately off northern Peru to unprecedented levels. Torrential rains (10 x average precipitation levels) are falling both in the Andes and on the arid desert coastal plains, destroying tens of thousands of homes, displacing hundreds of thousands of Peru’s poorest people, and creating a massive shortage of daily necessities (food, water, supplies). The flooding has adversely affected predicted harvests of cacao (estimating a 40% loss), other crops grown by cacao farmers such as banana and mango, as well as cutting off access to bring in supplies or send out cash crops with obstructed or washed-away roads and highways.”

Please visit the GoFundMe campaign and learn more.  And please donate anything you can. Deadline to contribute is April 2, 2017.

Thank you!