RW&ClogoMeet Red, White & Chocolate – a two-month cross-country road trip and blog exploring the people, companies and dynamics molding the US chocolate experience. Along the way we’ll ask questions from industry leaders; questions I hear often in my role as the Executive Director of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.  Like, what is fine chocolate and why does it cost so much? We’ll break through the jargon of “single origin,” “fair trade” and “sustainable” chocolate and explore the exploding landscape of craft chocolate (Or is it bean to bar? We’ll find out).

We’ll also hear from some of the go-to people about the emerging trends in US chocolate, including stats, styles and flavors. We’ll hear from industry leaders about the so-called
chocolate shortage and what groups like the Fine Chocolate Industry Association are doing to preserve the finest flavor cacao trees and support the farmers who grow them.


Want to know about shops big and small around the country that carry the best chocolate? Come along with us. And listen in while we talk with chocolate makers and chocolatiers, both famous and emeBeans- Blommer (1)rging and packaging experts, ingredients and equipment sellers, scientists and economists.  What’s the payoff? Insights into the alchemy that transforms bitter beans from a strange tree around the equator into “food of the Gods.”

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This road trip is fueled by obsession. And chocolate!  Kick-off post.

Notes From the Road: Chronicling where we stop, who we visit and what we learn.

Going Deeper: More in-depth pieces later in the trip.

Media Mentions: As they come in, we’ll share.

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