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With a Little Help From My Friends.

Denver_11.15 (29)
Denver friends Sue and Joel Niles sheltering this Red, White & Chocolate traveler.

I’m home!  After two months on the road researching the US chocolate experience.  After 10,200 miles, one cracked windshield, one stubbed finger, countless hotel rooms and lots of grab-and-go meals. Many of you have asked how I did it. The answer — passion for my subject. And a few kind souls who offered a warm bed, a home cooked meal, cherished memories over a glass of Merlot. These encounters were few and far between on my road trip around the United States. When it happened, it was like being welcomed into an oasis. Let me introduce you to the people who sustained me along my way.

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Want to be my backseat driver?

Red, White & Chocolate is my first road trip. In 2004 I embarked on a one-year, 50,000 mile life-changing project.
Red, White & Chocolate isn’t my first road trip. In 2004 I embarked on a one-year, 50,000 mile life-changing project.

I’ve got an exciting list of chocolatiers, chocolate makers and behind-the-scenes support companies to visit on my two-month road trip around the US. But I’m staying open and flexible. Who do you want to hear from?  What questions do you want answered? Help shape the conversation by suggesting where I go and who I interview. You get to be the ultimate backseat driver.

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This road trip is fueled by obsession. Chocolate, that is!

More than a hobby - an obsession!
Karen Bryant and her obsession!

My son shared a Kafka quote with me that advocates “following your intense obsessions mercilessly.” It’s been on my refrigerator door for eight years. Today, I’m going to use it as a road map. Welcome to Red, White & Chocolate, a two-month road trip and blog exploring the people, companies and dynamics molding the US chocolate experience. I’m Karen Bryant and I’m following my obsession – chocolate – mercilessly.
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